Thursday, January 19, 2006

what happens when there is a 40 to 60 minute bart delay?

That was what happened today. At 6:12pm, I got into the Embarcadero station and walked straight into a sea of people waiting in what used to be lines. I found out that there hasn't been a Dublin or Pittsburgh Baypoint train in over 20 minutes. Then, the announcer gave us the dreadful news: Pittwburgh Baypoint train was still 0ver 20 minutes away, and Dublin train was over 30 minutes away.

Embarcadero is the last stop before the transbay tube connecting to the East Bay. Being the last stop, the train is usually at full capacity by the time it reaches Embarcadero. With the 40 minute Pittsburgh Baypoint train delay, I was very fortunate to be the first one in line to take the last square foot of standing room left on the train. However, with about 25+ people behind me still, and no 2nd train in sight, they had no choice but to squeeze in. The train was so packed that the woman (thank goodness, she is a woman) was leaning against my chest and her purse between my legs. The vertical safety pole was filled with hands that I couldn't even see the black rubber strip anymore. I couldn't breath because there really was no oxygen left on the train. I was plastered between the bart door and a female passenger with ZERO centimeter between us. Her hair was all over my face, and her jacket was lined against my body, literally.

Everyone was getting on my nerves, to say the least. A man who yawned openly without covering his mouth-- exhaling into my face. A woman who chewed her fingers throughout the entire ride and made visible wounds with her teeth. A girl who stared at my face as entertainment- so closely that she can count my pores. A man who had a suitcase blocking the entry/exit door, but refused to move it to let people get off the train.

It was just a very very bad ride home today. The entire experience took me over an hour!

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bartmusings said...

I've considered during that, honestly. But right or wrong, I don't know if I want to prolong being trapped inside a train. When I used to work off Civic Center BART, I would get seats every so often, but now from Embarcadero, it's pretty much standing room only if you're lucky.

Thanks for your comment :) have a great week!