Wednesday, February 01, 2006

a man searching for his leftovers

What I saw on the BART train today made me lose my appetite. A man was picking his teeth with his finger. If it were just that, I would be able to overlook it. But no. He was digging, scraping, and picking...his hand was half way in his mouth. The nastiest part of this observation was what he did each time after he picked out something in between his teeth. He would look at it closely, observe it from left to right, and then wipe it on the seat.

I guess I can add plague and food particles to the list of germs found on a BART seat. This just validates why I drench my palms with Purell the minute I walk off, and wash my hands as soon as I get to the office or home.

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Anonymous said...

you think that's bad; they have guys picking their nose doing the same thing. so gross!