Thursday, February 16, 2006

walking too fast?

Strangely, today marked the 3rd time someone has told me that I walk fast in 2 weeks. First time, the building security guard said to me, "you're always in a rush, aren't you?" Second time, a coworker said, "you walk fast, don't you? I've noticed that." And today, a complete stranger said, "are you late for something? you sure walk like it."

What is the big deal? I like being efficient. I don't like relaxing strolls during my work day. I like to go from lunch to my building or the station to my building, as fast as possible. I like getting to the BART station after i leave work as quickly as possible. I walk fast because I like moving in a fast-pace! I always zip through slow people, I never ride the escalators- I walk up/down instead, and I have little tolerance for people who lack that level of efficiency. For example, people who do not have their BART tickets ready when they approach the ticket machine. Instead, they hold up the line, fumble through their wallet, purse, or backpack, and make everyone else wait for them to get their act together.

I'm the same way when I go on vacation actually. I know where I'm going and I move right along until I get there! What's wrong with that?? It has nothing to do with being relaxed, because I am always relaxed during vacations. I just tend to do things at a faster pace than others, which makes escorted or group tours an undesirable option for me!

I think my fast walking has kept me in shape! I am not particularly a healthy eater but I'm thinner than most people my height....probably because I move fast!

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