Monday, February 06, 2006

Vacation Envy

The last thing I needed to see on a Monday morning BART ride to work! A middle-aged couple with large suitcases wearing comfortable vacation clothes on a train filled with miserable and grouchy commuters in suits, khahis, and tucked in shirts! The man was wearing a Hawaiian shirt with sunglasses on his head, while the woman was wearing a Hawaiian-print sundress, with a light cardigan, and holding a straw-beach bag. It was evident that they were going on vacation!! They were smiling, laughing, and not at all bothered by the crowded train. It didn't matter that they had a long ride to the airport (since SFO is the last stop on the route), they were in an unbelievable good mood and nothing could change that.

I was so jealous. I was looking at them with extreme envy. They just looked so smug and glee with their suitcases! There I was, barely awake and dreading the start of another busy week, not knowing when my next extended vacation will be while these folks in front of me were rubbing it in my face with their vacation gear. Oh well....that's just life when you're working for the man.

On a side note, if you haven't tried taking BART to the San Francisco Airport or Oakland Airport, you should! The SFO route takes you directly to the terminal where you board a tram that takes you around the terminals. For Oakland Airport, you have to board a AirBart, to take you to the airport, which is located in a very sketchy neighborhood. If you're female and traveling alone, be sure to carry your pepper spray with you or avoid it altogether. Otherwise, it beats parking for an extended period of time in one of those paid lots.

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David said...

I've noticed a lot more suitcases on BART, even during the commute hours to/from Castro Valley.

I have to disagree with you about taking BART to OAK. It's okay if you are just doing carry-on baggage but is a big hassle if you have suitcases.

I think the Air BART is overpriced, also.