Wednesday, February 28, 2007

People who get dressed on BART

I understand that missing a train can be detrimental to might even get fired for being late to an important meeting! But some people do take it a little too far. I don't care if people put on some last minute make-up touches while on BART, or perhaps comb their hair briefly on BART, but it is too much when one gets on BART straight from the shower.

I saw a woman today who walked into the train with completely drenched hair, a t-shirt that is soaked from the water in her hair, jeans and flip flops. She carried with her a large bag filled with clothes and a hair towel. She didn't get a seat so she dropped her bag on the floor, took out the towel and started drying her hair. Then, she took her soaked shirt off (she had a tank top inside) and put on a sweater she pulled out of her duffle bag. After she puts on the sweather, she took off her flip flops and slips on soaks and loafers, also taken out from her bag. Finally, she took out her make-up bag and completed her look by the time we reached the Transbay Tube. Her hair was still damp, but she combed it neatly and tied it back.

Were her actions harmful? No. Was she annoying? Not really, but I did think her dressing on BART was a bit over the top. Maybe it's just me but I have too much self-dignity to get dressed on BART. If I MUST get into work by a certain time on time, I'd much rather get up earlier, get ready in the comfort of my own home, and then get on BART.


Unknown said...

I agree it was a bit much but we don't know the whole story. If she did this every day then I would think she had a problem. If this is the only time she did this maybe something happened which made it imposable for her to do otherwise.

Anonymous said...

sounds like she had the routine down... seems to me this is a daily routine for her.

bartmusings said...

Very true, it really may just be a one time thing. Besides, maybe she had one of those meetings that she really just cannot be late for if she wants to keep her job.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen Pursuit of Happyness? Maybe she took a shower at a gym or a YMCA, maybe she slept under a bridge, etc.?

bartmusings said...

I haven't seen Pursuit of Happyness yet- I hope to soon though, looks good.

I doubt she's homeless though, judging by the amount and brand of make-up she had.

Steven Vance said...

That's a hilarious story. I have never heard of anyone doing that on the train.

What were the reactions of the others on the train?
Was any of her dressing in the way of people?