Monday, June 11, 2007

I am allergic to YOU!

I have allergies and this year, it's been rough. I take medication in the morning and that generally calms my nose and eyes down a bit before I get on the train.

I ran out of medication today, so from the moment I started driving, I could not stop sneezing and tearing. On the train today, of course I was sneezing. I got stares, but whatever, I always make a point to cover my nose with both hands, use a tissue, wipe my hands with Purell. I also try to minimize the volume of my sneezes by pinching my nose a little.

The point is..I know sneezing nonstop on BART can annoy people but I try my best to be considerate. However, one thing in addition to weeds and pollens that gets to me most is STRONG PERFUME or COLGNE.

The woman sitting next to me had very strong perfume on. It's not the fruity and light perfume that I can tolerate...she was wearing some strong and old-fashioned scented perfume and was apparently wearing a lot of it since the second she sat down, my nose shook!

I kept on sneezing. But I always faced the window and covered my nose. Everytime I sneezed, she would look at me. And no, she was not a nice sweet lady, she was one of those older woman who still think she's young and tries to cover age with tons of makeup, tight clothes, and to my detriment, perfume!

After the 8th sneeze, she turns to me and says, "Are you sick?" in an accusatory tone.

I thought about my response, and even contemplated apologizing for my nonstop sneezing. But because of her mean stares and her poor tone of voice, I decided to say loud enough for people around us to hear, "No, I'm allergic to your perfume." People around me laughed softly because I know they too are suffering from her horrific and overpowering scent.


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