Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A new level of filthiness

It's really quite a good (and much needed) thing that BART is appropriating funds to clean up the trains in addition to adding on-site medial staff to minimize train delays whenever there is a "medical emergency". Seriously, some passengers call anything a medical emergency and completely waste everyone else's time. Once, a woman tripped over and fell on the ground due to a sudden train halt. She seemed able-bodied and although she needed to catch her breath and regain her composure, there was NOTHING wrong with her. Some man frantically said, I'm going to call the train operator. She said, "No, I'm fine, thanks, really, I'll be OK." He went on to call the TO anyways and says "A woman has fell over and hurt herself. I repeat, a woman has fell over and hurt herself. Please send medical staff." There was a tremendous waste of 20 minutes! URGH! Some people just love drama. I just want to get to work or go home without these pointless interruptions. Please only call when there is really someone in need of medical attention.

Now, about the new level of filthiness. It's been warm, so I dress accordingly. Today I had a short-sleeved shirt on. I was leaning back on the seat with my arms completely touching it. I am not kidding but I started itching on my upper arms. It didn't help that I kept on touching it, but the patches of itchiness turned into hives. I then thought about all the germs and whatever else that are completely all over the seats, touching my bare skin. I even imagined the "CSI" staff using their flourescent sticks and imagined all the fluids, germs, food stains and dirt that would glow brightly in the dark! By the end of my ride, I had lovely patches of hives on my arms. I ran into the shower the minute I got home and applied a thick layer of Cortaid.

I'm sure it was partially psychological but am I that off? My arms DID start itching after 5 minutes of resting my skin on the seat.

Just glad that something will be done about the train conditions!


Anonymous said...

Maybe it's the flea treatment giving you an allergic fit.

bartmusings said...

Do they really spray flea treament? not surprised.

Anonymous said...

I prefer to think it's less about the patrons having fleas as it could be service animals, or perhaps hikers. In any case, the carpet and seats provide the perfect breeding ground.