Friday, June 15, 2007

Pre-party on BART?

A friend of mine told me he saw college-aged students taking BART to the airport and drinking BEER this morning!!

Alcohol on BART is nothing new but generally it's someone homeless crashing on the train, not college passengers using BART as a pre-party location to celebrate the start of their summer vacation!

Please don't just blame the rest of us for not calling the TO to report these activities- some of us do or are starting to. But BART also needs to take more responsibility themselves, to enforce these rules and fine people who blatantly violate them. Be more proactive!

Come on! Drinking beer on BART?? That is really quite an insult to BART police and's telling them, I can do whatever I want because you won't catch me or make me stop.


Anonymous said...

BART police for whatever the reason, "DO NOT CARE about enforcing the no eatting, drinking, smoking, or for that matter paying your fare." If BPD did care they would be more proactive, they are not, so what does that tell you? Seldom seen, seldom heard from, seldom do they respond in a timely manner! Must be nice to get paid, to do damm near nothing. Want these issue enforced, you need to contact your BART Boardmember,

bartmusings said...

What's the best way to talk to BART Boardmembers? I send comments all the time through the website but have no clue whether anyone reads them- I dont receive any type of response or acknowledgement.

Anonymous said...

To contact the BART Board of Directors write, phone or email:

BART Board of Directors
P.O. Box 12688
Oakland, CA 94604-2688

(510) 464-6095

I believe your rep is:Gail Murray

Call is always best, but if you really want to take action, go to a BART Board meeting, bring a friend or two.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I've seen 2 young girls with open cans of Budweiser on BART, at the next stop they were approached by a BPD and was asked to get off and throw them out...don't think there was a fine there. They didn't look old enough to drink and the BPD didn't check ID...maybe because they were young and cute! Go figure...

Anonymous said...

Ah yes ... the lack of enforcement of the "No smoking, eating, drinking, playing sound devices". Tell you what ... if I were given the ability to "enforce" the rules (laws), and get just a 10-percent (10%) commission for each ticket I could write ... I'd quit my day job and make a lot more money "enforcing the rules" that BART Police seem only to look the other way. Any hi-level BART officer care to allow me to do this?? If so, contact me at "". Otherwise ... let the law breakers continue to do what they do ... and perhaps ... others will join in as well, until BART's General Manager has smoke blown in his face once too often.