Monday, June 25, 2007

What about adding small waste bins around the trains?

We all know that there's nothing to stop people from eating and drinking beverages on BART, but can't there be something to discourage them from littering? I see people who not so slyly place their empty Starbucks cup underneath their seat, or crumble their napkins and food wrappers and leave it on the seats. Maybe BART should add small waste bins every 4 seats or whatever feasible so some of these people might actually just toss the items into the trash instead of leaving it all over the trains.

Even if 35% of the litter bugs toss trash into the bins, that is already a big improvement and might help keep the trains cleaner in the middle of the day.

I know I have drawn comparisons often between BART and transit systems in Europe, but yet again, I have to mention that trains in Europe have that, and it does make it easier for people to toss trash into the bins instead of on the floor.


Anonymous said...

Part of me thinks the 'small waste basket' *might* be a good idea, but for the most part, I'd be against it. How quickly would this waste basket fill up? How quickly after said basket filled up would BART personnel be able to empty it out? Would it become so overfilled that it's contents would spill out unto the floor, with folks attempting to add more trash to it?

The answer to the problem is simply respect. I believe that for the most part most individuals in our society have lost respect for anything not theirs. If it doesn't belong to them, who cares if it get trashed, it's not them cleaning up. Unfortunately, they teach their kids the same thing.

How would these litter bugs feel if we all went to their house & dumped our trash? I bet they wouldn't like it, so why do they do it to others? Unfortunately the old saying "Treat others the way you want to be treated" has fallen by the wayside.

For the reason above, I'd vote against these small waste baskets. First teach people respect, the rest should come naturally. I know, I know, wishful thinking, but somebodies gotta have hope :)

bartmusings said...

I do agree with you too. Not the most practical solution but I was hoping even the laziest of people will have the respect and decency to reach for a trash can right in front of them instead of tossing it on the ground.

It's very disheartening how many disrespectful people out there right BART or just are out there in general. I could never just toss my leftover food (not even allowed on BART to begin with) on the seat, or like I wrote in one entry, spit out sunflower seed shells right on the empty seat next to me!

Anonymous said...

They would need to be small enough to keep someone from putting a bomb in them.

Anonymous said...

Is that why they took the cans out of the stations? I tried to clean up a big pile of litter the other day (thanks a hell of a lot, whoever left it on the benches...), but there were no trash cans to deposit it in.