Friday, January 04, 2008

How was BART today?

Seeing the crazy winds, pouring rain, and widespread power outages, I decided to stay put and work from home. The creek in Orinda is the highest I've seen in awhile, in fact, it looks more like a roaring river than a peaceful creek. The tall trees are being blown so hard that they are awkwardly bending at an angle far too wide for their own good....I hope they don't snap off! I also just heard that our office building in SF shutdown today due to power outage. I guess I made the right decision.

BART is delayed as well, as expected on a day like this. Did anyone brave BART or any public transportation today?

Stay safe, everyone!


Greg said...

BART was fine for me but Muni was a nightmare. There were no buses near my place for another 45 minutes-- I had to walk 3/4 of a mile to the BART station, which in regular weather wouldn't be so bad but today it was unpleasant, to put it mildly. Not to mention that there was a delay on the N going from Embarcadero to 2nd and King when one of those metal dividers blew over into the tracks.

Anonymous said...

BART was delayed like you said for about 12 minutes. It was okay but what made it worse was the influx of homeless people inside the stations. They need somewhere to shield them from this storm, I guess, since the city's programs definitely have not been helping, at least not today.

Pantograph Trolleypole said...

I saw about 5 broken umbrellas in the trash can outside of the 24th street station. It was ridiculous out there.

dndgirl said...

BART was okay in the morning, but delayed going home. Other than that, things went smoothly. However, this morning (Monday) trains were still late and we crept through the Tube, stopping every couple of minutes. What's that about?!?

Anonymous said...

First time I've ever seen the signs display a train destination of "24th Street." (There was track obstruction beyond that point.) Other than that, no worries for me. I'm a little more flexible about which train to catch, so I just get on whatever one arrives after I get there.

Getting home via the bus from BART the previous night was the big bummer. I get off the train and rush to the bus stop just to see the bus pulling away -- apparently five minutes early. Then the next bus on the schedule simply doesn't appear. By the time the next one after that shows up, I literally could have walked the two and a half miles in less time than the bus took.

bartmusings said...

Thanks for sharing your experiences. Like dndgirl said, BART was still delayed today for some 25 minute ride took 40. It was full of stop and go...and halt!

Wonder if that was related to the weekend storms?