Friday, January 11, 2008

Improved cellphone coverage added in some SF stations

I found this to be good news. Rachel Gordon of SF Chronicle reported that BART is improving cell phone coverage at Balboa Park, Glen Park, 16th, and 24th stations. For me, having reliable cellphone reception at Balboa Park is crucial since it is a SFO to Pittsburg/BayPoint connecting point for me and the place for me to arrange pick-up back at Orinda station based on train times.

Good move! Now, if only we can get Wi-Fi so I can stay fully connected with work while on BART (Blackberry is no help when you're under a presentation deadline). But if that happened, I'll probably have nothing to write about on BARTMusings since I won't even raise my head to look around me anymore for the weird, funny, or annoying. That's not good.

Have a good weekend!


Anonymous said...

While I agree it can help those who would like to be productive, I feel its going to create a bigger pain in the arse by those obnoxious folks who will be yapping the entire time.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather have wireless internet access than cell phone coverage throughout the BART system. Just think how noisy the train *already* is through the Transbay tube (or any other tube), throw in the occasional conversationalists who feel the need to scream through this section because they have something so compelling to share (not), they cannot wait the 7 or so minutes it takes, now throw in a bunch of folks on the cell phone...are you cringing yet? I hope so.

While it may be beneficial to have cell phone coverage, any BART tube is definitely not a place for it. Can't speak for the Caldecott tube as I've only taken BART that way once or twice, but anytime BART goes through a tube (Tansbay, Lake Merrit, etc), the train noise is exponentially louder...I can *definitely* do without the added incentive of continuous cell phone coverage enticing folks to continue their conversation by way of screaming into their phones in these ares.

Forget continuous cell phone coverage, give me wireless internet access - at least this way, many of us can be quietly productive as we trudge along on our various work projects, or movie watching, or whatever else...

The Duckling said...

I'm actually REALLY glad they added the coverage in 16th and 24th St BART stations - I usually arrange to be picked up at Daly City so it makes it a LOT easier.

Plus I can continue to Yelp while underground, which is an excellent way to pass the time on my PDA :)

People shouldn't be *talking* on their phones in BART anyway... but texting, e-mailing, surfing the web... are all viable options, and I'm really glad it's available now!