Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A theory: +1 twice as nice?

Maybe that's the secret to making a BART ride pleasant? This morning, I had the rare opportunity to ride BART with my husband who was headed to an event in SF. The train conditions were the same as always-- packed to the max with standing passengers, running a bit late, people jamming in despite the train reaching max capacity, and so dirty that it looks like it's been days since the last cleaning even though it is only morning.

But because my husband was riding with me, I was chatting with him through the entire ride, and although we were standing and packed like sardines between plenty of other passengers, the ride was much more tolerable than if I had been riding (or I should say standing) alone on my own.

Being able to have conversations with him (although we were practically whispering for privacy and to not bug people with our chatters) made yet another late and crowded ride, better.

Not sure if this theory is true...perhaps if both of us rode BART together daily, the positivity will wear off, and he will become just as picky as I am with every little thing on BART.


Anonymous said...

I ride to and from work with my gf basically, at least 90% of the time. It does make it easier, but usually after work its much more difficult to sit together which stinks.

I'll usually try and stand by her seat though, but talking at that point is useless especially through the tube or other noisier areas.

Anonymous said...


dude, this is the U S of Friggin A, we have tunnels here.

Anonymous said...

Last time I checked, headed to the Embarcadero you went through the transbay tube.

Nice try though:

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1: ha! love the come back!