Monday, April 21, 2008

With gas prices at record high, what's not to love about BART?

I may pick on BART here and there (whether it's people, conditions, or delays) but really, I don't know another commute option that makes more sense for me than BART, especially when gas is well over $4 a gallon. I just heard a news report saying that BART ridership is up by 32,000 passengers this year, and soaring gas prices is one primary reason. And while car sales are declining, hybrid sales are up by 20+%. Number of cars that cross the Bay Bridge has declined too.

I don't mention in this blog the huge convenience that BART brings me but I do appreciate it for sure.

BART is economical (compared to recent gas prices), green, reliable (most of the time), very convenient, safe (I guess depends which station you frequent), quick (at least compared to driving during traffic peaks), and always great for people-watching (hence, this blog)!

Happy Earth Day, everyone! Do at least one new thing that's good for our planet.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for mentioning the item about Bay Bridge traffic. Is there a convenient source where Bay Bridge traffic numbers are available?

bartmusings said...

I got the numbers from KTVU 10 O'Clock news...maybe the source is on their website too?

Anonymous said...

Depending on your vehicle, parking situation and distance to work, its BARELY economically wise for BART.

Its beyond me why this system is one of the most expensive in the US.

bartmusings said...

true, it's not economical for some. i'm lucky because my employer pays for my bart tickets.

Anonymous said...

BART is one of the most expensive public transit systems in the US because the BART Board made a decision some time ago to require their riders pay a higher percentage of their actual cost per ride than many other transit systems across the US. BART recovers about 60% of its operating costs from the farebox. Most transit systems are around 25-40%. Being public transit systems, the shortfall is made up in taxes of one form or another. If you really want to travel on the public dole, ride Golden Gate Transit. Personally, I think it's a good thing for BART riders to pay a higher share of the cost of their ride, foregoing larger subsidies. I just think BART should respect their ridership more and enforce the rules -- from food & drink to fare evasion.

Anonymous said...

I work at BART and it's a great break from the daily drive I used to make to SFO everyday from the Brentwood/Oakley/Disc. Bay area. It is now an easy drive to North Concord and a free, easy ride to my destination.