Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Again, oxygen mask needed....

Another brush with bad-smelling passengers today. This time around, I wasn't seated next to someone smelly, but unfortunately, the train was so crowded that there were standing passengers all around. The woman standing next to me was extraordinarily greasy....her entire face was beyond shiny, it actually looked like she had been next to an oil grill all day. Quickly, it occurred to me that she actually HAD been standing next to a fryer all day. She had a hair net on, and had an apron in her bag. She smelled like a taqueria kitchen's trash can....the onions, the beans, the oils, the cheese, the salsa, stale tortillas....she really stunk next to me. I had to position my hand discretely next to my nose to try to mask the scent.

I know, it's not her fault. She probably just finished a hard day of work at Joe's Tacos or whatever, and is simply taking the train home, like I am. But, I wish she could have wiped her body with a wet towel. I mean, I would have done that if I had just finished a hard day in a kitchen. I wasn't the only one covering my nose either...I saw others around me doing the same hand over nose gesture.

Please let tomorrow be a better day on BART. I just want to ride home without having to endure 35 minutes of bad smells. After today's ride, I think I'm cool with not having Mexican food for at least a week!!!

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