Monday, November 07, 2005

Wish I had an oxygen mask

I had a pretty miserable ride home today. The train was so crowded. It was raining outside so people came into the train all smelly and wet, and even worse, the train operator didn't turn on the AC so the air was dead and muggy, with fogged up windows.

There is a culinary academy near the Civic Center station, so around 5 to 6pm, there are always a mass of culinary students in their chef outfits and cutlery kit waiting for the train. Today, I happened to sit next to a student who seemed like he had a very bad day at school. He stunk of garlic and onions, he was sweating profusely, and his white chef uniform had yellow, green, red, and orange stains all over!

I had already grabbed my seat when I saw him entering the train. I remember thinking to myself....oh god, he must smell bad, look at how dirty his uniform is, please don't let him sit next to me, please! But of course, he takes a seat right next to me, and his cutlery case even hit my head! Ouch!

I had to endure his not-so-pleasant mixture of scents until MacArthur station which is 7 stations past Civic Center. I tried to cover the smell by chewing three pieces of gum, so the mintiness overwhelms my nose. Even after he left, the smell stayed with the seat. I was relieved to finally exit the train at my get a deep breath of fresh and cool air! Gosh...fresh air sure smells good.

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