Tuesday, November 01, 2005

PLEASE wash your hair!

BART was on time today, and I got a seat next to a normal person. BUT (there always is a but with my BART experience) the man sitting directly in the seat in FRONT of me made my ride quite miserable.

This man had a head full of oily long curly hair and dandruff. He puts his head back on the seat to try to sleep during the ride, and as a result, I get the beautiful view of his greasy locks with large white flakes all over.

Each time he moves his head, I feel like the flakes are going to fall off. I was disgusted but yet, for some sick twisted reason, I couldn't help but continue to stare and examine the flakes and was actually trying to figure out why he had such flakes. I saw that he actually did not have a head full of hair! He was bald on the top, and probably grew out his long curly hair to cover the bald spot (did a good job too!) The oiliness and dandruff were probably caused by serious lack of washing...which was probably brought upon by his fear of losing more hair! He had at least 4 or 5 flakes intertwined in each strand of oily curly hair. Altogether, he probably had more than 100 flakes. So nasty. I was just begging to myself...please don't move your head to suddenly...please don't let any of those flakes fall on me.

As disgusting as my view was in front of me, the dandruff man kept me "entertained" throughout the ride. Before I realized, I was at my stop!

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