Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Fighting for a parking space

Got in a parking space "fight" this morning. It was completely ridiculous! Picture this:

Orinda BART parking lot. Every row of parking is one-way only, and each row alternates so cars can go up the row, then turn to the next row to go down the row, to look for parking spaces.

I saw an empty space today in the 2nd row. I was going up the row like, in the direction that we're supposed to be going, while another car, going the opposite direction (against the flow of the parking spaces) decided to take that space.

I got to the space about half a second later. I signalled before he did. I slammed on the gas to try to beat him there. He saw me, he knew he was going the wrong way, but he still insisted on jamming his car towards the direction of the space. Of course, since he was not going the right way, he couldn't turn into the space, and required to back up and re-position.

I was obviously pissed off. He can't be going the wrong way (shorter way) to take a space! Besides, I signalled way in advance! I didn't want to let him win, so, as he backed up to re-position his car, I took the space! I only did that because he had to completely back up, turn directions, block the entire row, and keep me from going anywhere else! Hey, if he needed me to back track to take what should have been my space, I am not about to do that for him!

Well, I took the space, and he was pissed. He called me crazy, and I said, "no, you're crazy. you're going the wrong way." It turned out that he didn't have a reserved parking sticker anyways, so I just told him to park in the general lot unless he wants a ticket. Our argument ended cordially.


Anonymous said...

I would not be suprised, if your car is damaged, ie keyed. You were in the right, but being in the right, is not enough for some people. I hope your car is not damaged.

Unknown said...

Right on! It's sometimes necessary to teach people lessons. If he was that much of a jackass, he deserved to lose the space. I think it might have been funnier if he got the ticket, though.

Obviously the Station Agent who trolls at another site has found her way over here... I recognize her comma abuse.

bartmusings said...

Happy to report that no key marks..whew! Relieved!

Anonymous said...

i was thinking the same thing about the key marks...