Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hot and Hotter

I'm not talking about a person here, but instead, I'm referring to BART trains in this recent heat. We're already baking while we're waiting on the platforms and we think we will have some relief as we get into the trains. But 50% of the time (I actually counted from my recent rides), the train feels HOTTER than the outside, while mixed with smells of food, body odor, perfumes, and cologne. The hotter it is, the more people find the need to mask their bodily scents with perfumes and colognes.

My rides recently have been miserably warm and stuffy. I understand that TOs cannot control individual train temperatures but why is the AC constantly too low when it is over 90 degrees outside?

I walked into different cars just in case it is my particular car that has a broken AC, but all the cars in the train are equally warm and uncomfortable!


Anonymous said...

It might have just come out of the yard, perhaps sitting in the sun all day. This is why I power up the train early, so it'll cool off for everyone, including me. :)

bartmusings said...

Wish I was in your train!!