Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Blind man aboard and no one gives up seat!

The way home was extremely packed today. A blind man walks into the train, and no one gave up their seat!! The two suited men in the immediate handicapped seats looked at the Treo and Blackberry, working away...purposely or not. Another young woman with a bunch of shopping bags just stared. Two other older passengers didn't get up either, maybe thinking they are entitled to the 'senior citizen' seats.

I was standing, waiting for someone to please just get up and not be so inconsiderate. The train started moving and the blind man was still standing..and wobbling. He grabbed a metal pole, tried to balance with his stick, and at that point, someone way in the back finally asked him to take his seat.

Yet another sighting of the lack of compassion and courtesy in our culture.

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rookybeats said...

I know how inconsiderate today's community is for disabled, blind old etc people.. Im 14 and i realise that