Friday, October 13, 2006

Smart train operator!

I thought the train operator this morning was pretty darn clever!! At every single stop, she announces, (not in exact words) "The designated seats by the doors are reserved for the elderly and disabled. If you are seated, please give your seats up to the any elderly and disabled passengers around you."

Because she so loudly broadcasted this message, everyone immediately looked at the people who were seated in the area. Any non-elderly and non-disabled passengers seated there, due to the attention focused on them, reluctantly got up and ask anyone who appeared to be a senior citizen to take their seats instead. It was quite funny. No one wanted to sit there anymore except for the elderly (there were no handicapped passengers around). Once an elderly person exits the train, the seat remains empty until someone new comes in and unknowingly sits down. They immediately get up again, however, once they hear the train operator's message.

The train was fairly full, with people standing. But still, because of this loud and clear message, passengers, for the first time I've seen, have been overly considerate about giving up the reserved seats to elderly and disabled.

Good going, train operator!

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