Monday, October 30, 2006

Update to "Parking Situation at Orinda"

Well, I got my answer to why all of a sudden the reserved lot was no longer "reserved". Apparently, they expanded the general parking area and downsized the reserved lot by 1/3. The agents have been passing out flyers the past 2 weeks but being in a rush as always, I never grabbed one. My fault, I suppose.

This is unfair! I pay a premium for a RESERVED space! Why do I now have to come in extremely early, a total inconvenience to my personal schedule, just so I have a space to park in? What is the point then of paying a premium for a reserved spot??? I have my own schedule, my own life. I don't want to have to adjust it just so I park at BART to get to work. That is why people have the option of paying for a reserved spot!


Anonymous said...

Um, if you come in before 10am, you are supposed to be guaranteed a spot..

Anonymous said...

I also thought that with reserved monthly spots you were guaranteed a spot until 10 a.m. Are you saying that Bart has sold more reserved permits than there are spots? I know that if I went home early on my way home to Lafayette, I would look at the Orinda lot and see lots and lots of empty spots. I think that is why they made the change.

bartmusings said...

I think that is exactly what happened- they oversold permits (recently they even hiked the monthly fees!). I get there way before 10am-- I am always there BEFORE 8:30am. It is true that before this change, there were lots of empty spaces. I see the logic in extending the general parking area, but NOT at the expense of paid parking patrons who pay a handful for a reason. They can reduce the lot, but don't oversell!!!

Anonymous said...

There is a good chance that some people without permits were parking there. The fine for parking there with out a permit is only $25.00. Yeah it's a nice size ticket but if someone shows up and can't find a free space and doesn't want to be late to work they may take the chance.

It's not right but I know it happens