Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Luggage pieces taking up two seats!

In the 4-seat area today, I walked toward to what seemed like an empty seat, but realized soon that it had a piece of luggage on top of it with another piece leaning against it. And right across, the same situation: a luggage on top of it with two smaller bags leaning against the seat. In the other two seats of this quad area were two senior citizens obsiouvly going on vacation, judging by their visors and matching sweats. I wanted to ask them to remove the luggage but didn't because they were older, and there were A LOT of pieces of luggage altogether and I didn't feel like doing any heavylifting for them! I found a seat somewhere else.

Later, the train got more and more crowded, and people were eyeing those seats. Then, finally, someone spoke up. A female passenger asked the old couple to move their luggage. To my surprise, the husband said, "No, we can't move the luggage. We have fragile things in there." I think the female passenger was taken aback by his response and just rolled her eyes and left. That was one of the most selfish and irrational things (from the old couple) I've heard on BART.

I don't care how old they are- they can't justify putting their luggage over two seats! Fragile items??? Who cares? What makes their fragile items more special than someone else's?? If they were that worried about the fragile things inside the luggage, just stand then, and hold the luggage pieces upright! And how could fragile items break anyways when it is packed in such a LARGE-sized suitcase! They really do think they are more special than everyone else- and that makes me regret not saying anything to them just because I wanted to be respectful since they were old.


Anonymous said...

Let's see ... luggage with fragile things in them so they cannot be moved. And the luggage is apparently en route to the airport where they will be manhandled by the airlines baggage handlers and machinery? Obviously just an excuse by the BART patron who didn't want to be bothered and also his lack of consideration. What can one do with these jerks who are everywhere and are seemingly proliferating like rats?

dndgirl said...

This is my worst pet peeve. I just can't tell you how much this annoys me! I want to grab the luggage and chuck it out the door when they refuse to move it.