Monday, October 30, 2006

Parking situation at Orinda

I've been going to the same station and parking my car around the same vicinity of the parking lot for quite some time now and not sure what was happening today with the Orinda reserved parkingarea. Usually,at least 25-35% of spaces remain vacant when I get there. It takes me 10 seconds to pull into the lot, park and get out of my car.

Today, the entire reserved lot was full, in addition to the entire general lot! I arrived around the same time as usual! I didn't leave myself enough time to circle around the entire bart parking perimeter 3 times searching for a vacancy and as a result, I missed my train.

I ended up parking in the farthest corner of the reserved/fee area in a 3/4 space (where a SUV took 1/4 of my space). I hope this was just some one-day craze in the parking lot, otherwise, why did I bother paying $$ for a reserved permit??

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