Friday, October 27, 2006

Where is the CHP when you need them?

I drive down to San Jose for work meetings once a week or so and it is a break from BART despite the horrendous traffic and distance. These long drives down to San Jose make me appreciate BART and keep my insignificant complaints to a minimum!

One thing that always irritates me about driving is the lack of CHP presence when 75% of the cars in the carpool lanes aren't authorized to be in there! I've learned my lesson the hard way- over 8 years ago, I used to take the carpool lane on 880 south to skip through all the bumper to bumper traffic (this was before the dot-come bust). I knew the only way I'd stop is if I get caught. After 4 months of doing that, I got caught and paid the $270+ ticket. After that, I never did it again.

But every week, I see cars with single driver (and no hybrid carpool sticker) zipping past me at 70+ mph on 680 N in the evening, while I'm barely moving at 15mph at best (the really slow and bad stretch start around San Ramon all the way to the 24E on ramp) . Where is the CHP?? Why have I not seen anyone get pulled over yet? I'm sure CHP is around, but I want to see sirens go off in front of me...for my selfish reasons!

Sometimes I wish I had a device that makes the CHP siren sound and blast it whenever a single-driver car zips right by me in the carpool lane! It will make me feel better sitting in traffic if I can see their worried faces!


Anonymous said...

The same place BART Police is, when you need them, ON BREAK!

Anonymous said...

Yes - I hate that too. Did you know that you can call in those cars though? Just call CHP with their license number.

Not that I'm ever guilty of carpool violation, but I do drive "spiritedly" sometime and have been called in on a couple of occasions. Wasn't in violation of carpool or harming anyone though. Freeway was empty and was just driving fast. Guess some grandma got jealous I had a faster car or something...

Anonymous said...

Calling in the cars doesn't do much, they can't issue any tickets unless they see it happen them self.