Friday, October 06, 2006

I'll read what you read

A fairly relaxing ride to SF today.....except the man next to me was reading my Frontgate catelog along with me today during the entire ride.

I didn't have magazines left to read since it's Friday and I've finished my weekly issues. I grabbed the Frontgate catelog last minute to research Xmas decorations and Xmas gift ideas! Frontgate is cool! There are always tons of neat things in there. Maybe that is why the man seated next to me couldn't resist stretching his neck over to my side to check out the gadgets on each page. His head was about 6 inches next to mine, at a 45 degree angle towards the catalog.

I just pretended I didn't notice that we were sharing reading materials. But then, he commented, "My father in law has this watch and he likes it a lot." I answered, "Oh, cool."

I guess he didn't want to keep it a secret that he was looking at the catalog too and preferred to have a conversation over the products. I wasn't in a talking mood. So I nicely asked if he wanted to look at it while I took a nap before "a long day of work". He declined and I spent the rest of the ride (just a few more minutes left at this point) with my eyes closed.


Anonymous said...

You must attract these BART losers like a magnet... Usually no one even wants to sit next to me. I'm that last guy that people only sit next to when the train gets full.

Anonymous said...

Hey...........wait a minute.
I'm the guy nobody wants to sit next to. So much for "An Army Of One".

Anonymous said...

Something similar happened to me yesterday morning ... I'm reading the paper and the guy next to me is obviously looking over trying to read my paper. As I did yesterday, I usually just fold up the paper, close my eyes, and rest a bit, but if you like to read on BART is it really so difficult to bring something with you from home or even just pull a second-hand newspaper out of the trash can?